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Viral mailers are one of the best ways to make a living online but the problem is that there are so many. How do you choose the best ones to use?

First you need to search out the mailers with good owners that have plenty of online experience.

The mailers you choose need to be easy and fun to use because this usually means happy members and rewarding results for your ads.

Mailers also need to have good incentives for members to read the mails that you will be sending so that your credits are not wasted.

The sort of things that keep a mailer strong and long lasting are: ease of use, good rewards, good support and an experienced owner and Instant Mailz has all of this and more.

Owner Eileen Harvey has taken over Instant Mailz and will put her principles in to play, making sure that members and advertisers all benefit from her online marketing experience and proven history of generating sites which deliver REAL Results!

Below are some of the common issues that have been addressed at Instant Mailz. There are more but these are the common ones:

I hate having to wait to send mails.
- No longer a problem as you will have instant mailing whenever you login.

Do I need to wait after sending a mail before I can send another.
- No! Providing you have sufficient credits you can mail as often, and as soon, as you wish.

I don't want to send instantly.
- No problem, we have a scheduled timer option so that you can set them to go when you wish.

I don't like having to search in my mailbox for members mails.
- You do not need to do this as all the mails you are sent are also available onsite.

I don't like seeing my credits wasted when mails are not read.
- No problem, at Instant Mailz you receive a refund of a portion of your credits for unread mails. Free members get 10% back and upgraded get up to 50%.

Do I have to wait through a long timer to get my credits?
- No! Our timers are set to between 3 and 7 seconds.

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